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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  March 14, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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>> see, she came right back. if you want to play, send us an e-mail, who are you, where are you from, where do you want to play. that's all you need to tell us. there's cheap stuff in our office with your name on it. "weekends with alex witt" starts now. a night of peace in anxious ferguson missouri. the manhunt intensifies for a gunman who shot two police officers days ago >> lawyered up. a scandal at the university of oklahoma hires an attorney. does this mean a lawsuit is in the works? >> watch and wait. early indications about how big the apple watch will be. and the once in a lifetime moment happening today and why it is making math lovers out there so happy. hey there, everyone. good morning. here's what's happening right now as unfortunately timing.
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the state department was forced to shut down part of its computer network on friday this in an attempt to eradicate an ongoing cyber attack. joining me is kristen welker. with a good morning to you, what are you hearing on this? >> reporter: here's what we want. they shut down the unclassified computer network to try to root out malware inserted by hackers. these hacker according to andrea mitchell, are suspected of being from the russian government, although officials wouldn't confirm those reports. now in a statement, state department spokesperson said "as a part of the department of states ongoing effort to especially sure the integrity of our classified networks against cyber attacks, the department is implementing improvements to the the main network and short unplanned outages to the
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network. u.s. government computer networks run the risk of being aing taed from foreign governments, computer terrorists and hackers. >> threats in the cyber realm are an urge ept national security priority as america has no equivalent to the two that have help safe guard a physical maritime and aviation demands. every day state actors krpls, terrorist organizations and hackers tried to penetrate our nation's digital networks. >> speaking at the global mission counter. alex, of course this all comes in the wake of revelation that potential prpl candidate hillary clinton used her personal e-mail account serving as secretary of state. her e-mail was on a secure secure. but it raises questions about how secure they really are against mounting threats from
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hackers and terrorists. >> that is the big question. thanks so much chris ten welker, for that. it was a quiet night. but the city of ferguson missouri is once again on edge. they spent a rainy night in front of the police department to voice concern for the police the community and the government at large. >> we're a community that wants to work together and live together. >> as we have for a long time. >> of course this all comes as police are searching for the person or persons who shot and wounded two police officers during a protest thursday morning right in front of police headquarters. amanda is joining us from ferguson. with a good morning to you, what's been happening in that city since the early morning shootings? >> reporter: good morning, alex. police are scrambling to locate the gunman who fired off shots. though there are no clear
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suspects in mind they did take three people into custody. there have been no arrests made thus far. now, we do know there is a hefty reward for any information leading directly to an arrest. police are not clear as to who they are looking for yet. there have been a number of calls called in and tips. they are now asking for more. when asked if there was a possibility that the shooter could have been firing into the crowd, he would it was a possibility. he said he didn't think it was a convince deposits that the shooting occurred that night as demonstrations were dying down. >> it's gone from the focus on being just a single shooter to the potential for multiple shooters, is that correct? >> reporter: i think they're fill waiting for ava right of options. they're not focusing on a single
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option. they're keeping it a broad possibility. >> and then protest leaders, what are they saying about all of this? >> reporter: there have been a flurry of resignations after a scathing report last week. police chief tom jackson was the latest to step down. now they are kolg forcalling for ferguson james knowles. he said he does continue to want to lead the city of ferguson now. protests have been very peaceful. last night they gathered in the basement of the greater st. mark's church. they broke bread over soup and were chanting. they capped off the night by going pack to michael brown's memorial not far from here where they had a moment of silence under the pelting rain. they just wanted to make sure this is a very lasting movement. >> thank you so much from ferguson. let's get to politics and on to new hampshire now. it's a busy weekend there for
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republicans. a bit later this morning, wisconsin's governor scott walker will deliver remarks at an event there. he is one of four potential republican candidates. each of whom are attending separate events. jeb bush is making his debut in the state. let's listen how he described his immigration plan. >> it is easy to say, well anything you propose is amnesty. that's not a plan. that's a sentiment perhaps. that's not a plan. and i think the best plan the most realistic plan, the grown-up plan once you are sure there is not another magnet coming, let's let these folks achieve earned legal status. >> msnbc's casey hunt is in concord where governor walker will be making his appearance. i know you had a chaps to speak
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to jeb bush last night. what's his plan for new hampshire? >> reporter: well alex you saw jeb bush take on new hampshire in this retail politicking state full on here yesterday. he spoke at some length with reporters. and he's here the same time as you said as wisconsin governor scott walker. i asked him if he thinks walker is the front-runner. scott walker is also here in new hampshire today. he called himself a possible front-runner. do you think that's a premature assessment? >> i'm not a candidate. i don't know. maybe he is. you can't be a front-runner until you start running. >> reporter: so he also was a little bit reluctant to go after walker in any substantive way. i also asked if he thought he had flip-flopped on a number of his positions. bush did acknowledge that walker
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has changed his position on a path to citizenship and immigration. but bush has another day of meetings here in the state. we're also going to get a chance to hear from walker. this is his first and only public event here in new hampshire this weekend. he is approaching it a little bit differently than bush. he is having private meetings interviews with local media. we're not going to see him interacting with voters. he also attended a very crowded house party that really made it feel like the 2016 season has really arrived here in new hampshire. >> it's interesting. 2016 casey. it is a lot different feel than it was four years ago, lead to go 2012. because mitt romney had a lock on the state. but your question was an appropriate one to jeb bush. the fact is they are just separated by the most recent polls. he and scott walker four or five percentage points. so this is a wide open race yeah?
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>> reporter: one of the things i have heard is exactly that alex. this is one of the most wide open races that new hampshire has really seen in a long time. that there are you know as many as a half dozen potential republican hopefuls who could ultimately pull off a win here. you have to remember the state hs has a maverick streak. they have bucked what happened in iowa. for somebody like bush his family has had kind of a rough go here over the years. his brother lost to john mccain in 2000. so if he tries to come in here as someone who is inevitable that's not always something that's played with with new hampshire voters. and i don't think that's the accepts that we got from him yesterday as to how he would run. he was pretty open in saying i've got to come in here play the retail game that's required up here and i have to explain to people who i am. >> don't stray too far.
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you'll come back after commercial break and talk more politics. thanks so much. >> other news now, pope francis predicting he won't be in his position too long. he told a mexican journalist he expects to be in the position four or five years. he left open the possibility of stepping down just like his predecessor. friday marked two years since he became the leader of the roman catholic church. in costa rica a volcanic eruption has led to the closure of many schools and businesses. this morning the local airport has reopened. it's only the second time that volcano erupted in the last 150 years. cyclone pam slammed into vanuato. it has been noted as one of the most powerful storms ever clocking winds higher than 210 miles per hour. this morning at least eight people are confirmed dead.
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that number unfortunately expected to go far higher. the concern is getting food and water to survivors. let's go now to the weather and the record heat in southern california ahead of tomorrow's l.a. marathon. a high of 89 is forecast. that's the finish line along the coast in santa monica. runners are being asked to slow it down. but some don't mind the heat. >> i'm from london. if this is winter this is great. >> we want to urge runners to dial it back and just come out and enjoy the event. >> organizers have moved up the start time to make it cooler for the runs issues. dr. greg postel from the weather channel is here. good morning, greg. >> alex a little bit more snow is coming to parts of the new england in northern new england and maine. let's show you where the accumulation is likely to be. really in ernest overnight tonight and tomorrow. 8 to 12 inches across parts of central maine and the northern
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areas of north carolina state, vermont and new hampshire. accumulating snow a little bit in eastern massachusetts. perhaps up to an inch. starting at 10:00 tonight. today will be a a mostly rain event. we are starting to see the freezing line. anything north of that line snow will likely accumulate. look as we go through the overnight hours. snow breaks out across new england and new york state. watch out for snow moving through eastern new england with that cold air pushing that freezing line out that direction. so there is a good chaps of accumulating snow in eastern massachusetts. remember, boston only needs another two inches to break the all time seasonal snowfall record. i think they will not do it this time around. let's look at what's going on in the other side of the world.
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tropical cyclone pam ranked the vanuatu nation. the then category 5 typhoon, psych cologne, it's a different name for the same phenomenon. unfortunately there will be a lot of stories out of that region of human sufferings and casualties. it is still a category 5 hurricane, 155 moving. it is moving out into the south pacific. hopefully we can put this storm to rest. >> thanks so much. not soon enough. thanks, dr. greg >> the latest from oklahoma university as members of the sae may be gearing up for a lawsuit. >> plus less than a month away from the irs filing deadline.
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he's out there. there's a guy out there whose making a name for himself in a sport where your name and maybe a number are what define you. somewhere in that pack is a driver that can intimidate the intimidator. a guy that can take the king 7 and make it 8. heck. maybe even 9. make no mistake about it. they're out there. i guarantee it. welcome to the nascar xfinity series. potential gop presidential front-runners are converging on new hampshire this weekend. meanwhile, the clinton camp and
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democrats are dealing with more fallout over her use of a private e-mail server at the state department. casey hunt who is in concord, new hampshire and fellowship joins me on set. a welcome to you both. >> good morning. >> i'll reach out to you. it's a little chilly out there. you're at that school where governor scott walker will speak at the grassroots training event. the poll shows jeb bush leading among the voters in new hampshire. rick perry is dead last. talk about the importance of this weekend's appearances for setting the pace. >> spring has not yet sprung in new hampshire. it's still a little bit chilly. you can see the mounds of snow behind me. but this weekend is important because it's a chance for these candidates to make in many cases, a first impression. this is jeb bush's first trip as a candidate in waiting.
4:19 am
bush hasn't been here for a political trip in 15 years. last year for politics in 2000 when his brother was running. this is a chance for him to start the process of meeting new hampshire voters one on one. voters obviously expect to meet the candidates over time. this is really what that represents for him. it's a chance to do something he didn't do in 2012. i talked to him earlier this week when he was campaigning. i asked if he would do it a little bit differently. he said i've spent more time in new hampshire in 2014 than i ever did in 2011 and 2012. >> interesting. during his new hampshire visit, he was asked if he would have sent that controversial letter to the leaders of iran. let's listen to what he said to that. >> i'm not a senator. i think they signed it out of frustration that there's been no dialogue, no conversation. there's been a stifling of
4:20 am
debate about the properness of this negotiation. >> governors jindal walker perry all supported the letter. what do you make of his willingness to throw his hat in the ripping as well? >> he realizes he is the sensible moderate republican. he wouldn't use the word moderate. he is specific about not using the word moderate. but he wants to be the a little bit above the fray candidate. you know that is very different than a a lot of the rest of the republican field which is very much tying to show how conservative it is. it's not the role that bush is trying to play. >> former maryland governor martin o'malley who hinted he might run on 2016 he was on "morning joe" this week. let's listen to what he said about hillary's status if she chooses to run.
4:21 am
>> that inevitable front-runner is inevitable until he or she is no longer inevitable. >> is it a jab and is it enough to fire up the base for everybody who is not willing to crown here as front-runner? >> well alex martin o'malley has been very close to the clinton family for many years. and i think that the clintons themselves recognize there is a certain amount of danger being seen as inevitable. she was seen as inevitable in 2008. look how that worked out for her. i think they recognize it's not going to be the worst thing in a world for her to have at least the perception of somebody challenging her. and for o'malley we can play a role where he doesn't criticize her terribly harshly but is in a foil that might be useful. he also declined to go after her on her e-mail controversy. we're not going to start to see
4:22 am
her really facing challenges until there are democrats who are willing to aggressively attack her. we are just not seeing that yet. even from martin o'malley. >> based on what casey was saying, he thinks american voters are more interested in economic policies than e-mail policies. he didn't go after her. but where do you think we stand on this situation? do you think hillary's news conference may have raised more questions than answers? >> i think definitely it raised more questions. the question that she has answered is how much people care. she has determined people don't care very much. that's correct. i think the media likes the story a lot because in part it is a question of can hillary clinton be a different cancelled date in 2016. the answer has been no not really. i think martin o'malley probably doesn't have much of a shot. everyone agrees that may be the case.
4:23 am
but, you know i think that hillary needs someone to push back against. the republicans are all shooting at each other. that's finement all their external fire is aimed at hillary clinton. she would love to have a debate about democratic issues and policies they're probably fine with martin o'malley to do that. >> thank you so much. casey, thank you so much for standing outside in the coldment go inside and warm up. ahead, the growing trend of teenage girls engaging in vicious fist fights and the desire for on-line fame that is fueling that violence. discover card. hey there, i just got my bill and i see that it includes my fico® credit score. yup, you have our discover it card so you get your fico® credit score on your monthly statements and online...for free. that's pretty cool of you guys. well we just want to help you stay on top of your credit and avoid surprises. good. i hate surprises. ahhhh ahhhh are you ok? nope.
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help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream. in today's three big money headlines, manic markets, watch for it and spend or save. "usa today" contributor raegina lewis. the dow losing 146 points.
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all three of the major averages fell yesterday. that capped off a wild week of ups and downs. what's behind all the volatility? >> there are three key factors. third straight week of declimbsnesdeclines. oil is down. the second is that the dollar is up. which makes everything that is exported in the u.s. more expensive. that puts international earnings and guidance for big companies with international piece of their business. and janet yellen speaks next week what will she say? will she use the word patient or not in terms of quantitative easing? and disinflation. it could flat especially out and even be declining. >> okay. let's go to watch for it. the apple watch excitement. is there any indication right now about all the anticipation for this new device and how it will all play out? what are you predicting? >> it's so mixed.
4:28 am
reuters did a poll. 70 i'm not that interested. the steve jobs biographer i'm in agreement with him. he said people will be coming out of the woodwork. it comes down to apps. do you need them or want them? if they're health related, which has not been revealed yet. they gave a research kit and said do your thing. let's see what you've got. hard to imagine. imagine the apple watch. not going to happen. what if it could predict you are going to predict a heart attack. now it becomes priceless. you would want everyone in your family to want one. it could be health insurance ramifications as well. you saw the price points up there. >> i'm with you. of course it's going to be a hit. it's apple. >> of course. >> okay. we're a month from the tax filing deadline. billions paid out in refunds. what are people going to do with
4:29 am
the win fall? >> 75% of americans are expecting a refund. on average, it's $3,100. national retail federation predicts they will save a lot of it pay down dead. home improvements should fair very well. when you ask financial advisers they will tell you to use 50% to pay down high interest debt 30% to save especially for emergency funds, and 20%, go ahead and splurge. so i ran the math. that would mean your splurge if you're expecting a $3100 refund is $600. >> you can buy that apple watch. thanks so much regina. coming up iraqi forces regaining forces. why are terror analysts still pessimistic? want bladder leak protection. new always discreet underwear for sensitive bladders from always, the experts in feminine protection. only always discreet underwear has soft dual leakguard barriers to help stop leaks where they happen most.
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you can find a new frontier. there's nothing stopping you and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise. it's never been better to wander because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can. welcome back to week ends with alex witt. more fallout from the fraternity scandal at the university of
4:33 am
oklahoma. we are hearing from the chapter's newly hired attorney who is not ruling out legal action. tpwaeub gabe, good morning. is a lawsuit officially in the works? >> hi there. not exactly. this camp is is quiet. it's on spring break after a difficult week. the local sae is fighting for survival. its newly hired attorney said he's not looking for a lawsuit. it's not his first choice. but he is not ruling it out. this morning the local fraternity chapter kicked off campus for this racist chant has lawyereded up. >> i think there was a premature rush to judgment. >> steven jones is the high-profile attorney hired by the a alumni of sae at ou. he represented timothy mcveigh during the oklahoma city bombing trial. >> we are interested where needed to act to protect the due process rights the first
4:34 am
amendment rights and the fourteenth amendment rights of the members. >> he says members of the fraternity have gotten death threats and that not all of them were involved in the chant which took place on a charter bus a week ago today. >> we are talking about one incident with nine seconds of video on one of five buses. >> in the wake of the ou incident sae has drown scrutiny. the university of washington is looking into reports that racial slurs were yelled from the ase house at african-american students at march a last month. >> they were screaming like what are you doing here get out of our campus. really loud. the sae chapter says it wasn't them. >> it was not members of our house. >> the image may be damaged. but many members stressed there
4:35 am
are plenty of good chapters out there. delta state university at mississippi. >> the easy thing to do for any average person is to judge a large population by the actions of a few. >> here at ou the university's investigation continues. as for the national headquarters, they say they had nothing to do with the hiring of this attorney. national sae supports what this university did, shutting down this chapter. alex, back to you. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you so much for that. it was a peaceful night in ferguson after days of demonstrations and violence. police are conducting an intense manhunt for a gunman or gunmen who shot two police officers in the overnight hours early thursday. ron, with a good morning. what is next for the people of ferguson? >> that's a good question alex. there's still a lot of tension out here.
4:36 am
no one is sure what's next. this is of course where it handled out in front of the ferguson police department. they still don't know whether the gunman was involved with the protesters or outside agitator has many people here claimed. nonetheless, for one night ferguson did get a break. the few people outside ferguson police officers were there to stand with the officers not against them. >> we want things to improve. we know there are things to improve. we're here to work. we want to work together. we can't work until there is peace. >> i appreciate it. i know the guys here in blue appreciate it too. the intense search continues for the gunman who wounded two officers. both recovering from home, one with a letbullet lodged behind his ear. >> i cannot tell you that an arrest is imminent.
4:37 am
>> while the streets were quiet overnight. a few have left since they exposed allegedly bias policing. some residents here still want the entire ferguson police department dismantled. mayor knowles told lester holt that's not necessary. >> i think we have seen there's been some bad apples out there. i don't think that that is indicative of the entire police department. >> also later today, in madison, wisconsin, there is another police department involved in a case with racial overtones. tony robinson shot and killed by a madison police officer. they say robinson attacked the officer first. and the state of wisconsin is investigating that matter to determine whether the officer's actions were justified. alex? >> okay. ron allen, thank you so much for that. let's bring in the national reporter for "usa today". and terey, the co-host of "the
4:38 am
cycle" here on msnbc. you spent a lot of time in ferguson. what do you think is happening in that town? >> i think the impact will be people have to rethink the future of ferguson. a lot of people thought they were turning the corner. they were reporting all these resignations really turned things. the protesters i talked said they want to figure out they're as organized as they can. they want to see if they can help the police in any way, if the relationship can be rebuilt. they're saying when you're protesting for 216 days, you get to know some of these officers and think about fishing and other things. the idea is to reassure the officers that we're not here to hurt you and the person who shot could have hurt us too. it will bring this community a little closer in my opinion. >> people are trying to turn a corner. and you heard the term outside
4:39 am
acknowledgeor acknowledgegitateor may have been the one. >> people said these shots were fired behind the protesters. the regular protesters say the people who are there day in and day out have called for peace. they have also said violence just makes us look bad. we would never want to shoot an officer because that will hurt our movement. our movement is black bodies should not be criminalized. >> i know you want to -- while you answer this i want to have you address the fact look at the timing of this. the justice department review comes out and shows incredible bias from the police department. so that complicates things for the timing. >> well it does. finally the community has somebody, the federal government saying you guys are right. you guys have been brutalized by this police department for years. and we're going to do something about it. they have been able to step in at over 20 police departments
4:40 am
across the country and demand change and get it. so change is coming to the ferguson police department. though all the police departments around have been doing the same thing in terms of treating citizens as revenue sources, brutalizing them and beam are losing their jobs people getting beat up these kind of things. so we have a community in deep pain. that's why they have been able to protest month after month because they are in deep pain. it is unfortunate that a few people, maybe as little as one person comes to the rally that is peaceful except for that shooter. and that colors the whole rally. >> right. >> the community didn't want to shoot cops. they don't want anybody killed. and yet the conversation becomes citizen violence instead of policing changes. so this one person changed the whole conversation. it's not fair to the people who have been protesting peacefully
4:41 am
out there for months and months. >> have you seen a palpable sense of reaction to the justice department report? how are people reacting to that? are they saying yeah finally? >> people are saying this is not rocket science. this is our lives day in and day out. if you ask african-americans in sanford, florida, or other cities, they're going to have several stories. >> new york or l.a. >> they looked at this report and said someone is finally listened to us. i might have been bitten a dog because i am african-american. so they are saying people are finally hearing our realities. but this can't just be a report. there has to be action real change in my life. we have to circle back. it can't just stop here with a conversation. >> but, look people have the power when they go to the power box. do you see any changes forthcoming there? >> well we have a few city
4:42 am
council members up for election right? i'm not sure that is going to be the change we need. when you see the doj stepping in they will ultimately talk about potentially disbanding the police department there. ultimately what will happen they will insert a federal monitor. there will be a list of things maybe 60 points as many that has to be changed. that will be there for years and years making sure that the changes are implemented with a federal judge standing behind that person. the ferguson police department will change. all the police departments in the local areas, there's so many town fair with so few people they can't survive without extra sources of revenue generation. they are all doing this. we have to stop all of them from this unconstitutional practice. >> okay. let's talk about the sae chapter at the university of oklahoma.
4:43 am
do you think this is a sign that americans are out of touch with the true nature of race realizes or do you think it's a couple of moronic kids there are pockets of them all over the country? how do you explain? >> i know for me for some black people, this is what we fear. when some white people think nobody else is around they feel comfortable saying these sorts of things. this is a very old song. reverend al was saying people have heard this song as far as back as the early '60s. i think it's a little of both. obviously the problem with racism is far deeper than we even imagined. for me the institutional racism in ferguson is far for difficult to deal with than this interpersonal racism. these people will grow up to be
4:44 am
hiring. are they going to hire fairly? of course not. >> what do you think? final word on this issue. is this going to change things bringing it out in the open and talking about it? >> i think only thing we can do. talk about white privilege, asking about their daily lives. when you say these interpersonal relationships might not matter as much as a police department these people might grow up to be police officers, correctional officers or teachers teaching your black child and have that chant in the back of your mind. so frank conversations and change. i don't know if they should have been expelled. that's not my area. but something drastic had to happen where we thought this is not going to be a slap on the wrist. >> it is a fight that shocked the nation. why have millions gone online to see the video?
4:45 am
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now to a story that's gotten a lot of attention this week. a disturbing video in an all-out brawl at a mcdonald's. they are expected to be charged soon. stephanie, with a good morning. it seems like we are seeing a lot of these videos lately. >> reporter: good morning, alex. yeah, we are seeing a lot. you go online and google search and a lot of them pop up quickly. overnight police confirmed they made those three arrests. one of the girls was arrested in atlanta. she had a plane ticket to make her way down to jamaica. the video caught a lot of people's attention this week. it's difficult to watch. and what some may find surprising, it is part of this growing trend. it's front page news in new york city. a vicious fight at a brooklyn mcdonald's seen around the world. just after school got out on monday a a group of high school girls ganged up on a 15-year-old classmate. the crowd cheers and no one, at
4:49 am
least at this point, steps in. not even as she lies on the floor getting kicked. employees called 911 and the victim was taken to the hospital. now she refuses to name her attackers. one 16-year-old has been arrested and charged as an adult. two juniors at the same high school told me they weren't surprised a fight here. they see them a lot. when it happens, first thing, what do the kids do? >> pull out their phones. and that's so messed up. >> sadly, videos like these are far too common on line. this got 8 million viewers. one viewer commented, brings me job. has become a showcase for teenage girls brawling. some of the videos you can hear kids cheering on the and boasting that it might make it to world star. >> it's all about getting likes. we live in the time of social
4:50 am
media, so it makes sense. >> where were the adults? why would an adult not step up and get involved? >> fear.youth. today, more -- those are afraid of their own chinch. >> reporter: this man used to be in a gang. he runs at out reach trying to curb violence. >> we are at our lowest when you can have girls, our young girls that it's okay to be violent. >> reporter: to change that somebody is going to have to step in. local officials are asking people to step forward and give information to the police about the mcdonald's fight. the real challenge will be changing the way these fightsing for glorified online by a growing number of kids. >> i love what he was saying over there. he's got experience. >> reporter: incredible perspective it was really interesting meeting him this week. he spent a lot of time in jail he was parlt oa gang.
4:51 am
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. gaining ground today iraqi security officials say they have retakenthen northern parts of the city of tikrit from isis. regaining tikrit is considered a key step before the military can launch an offensive on mosul. that's where isis' stronghold is. greg miller is joining us. what are you hearing from u.s. intel about the success and important note of this offensive? >> it's true. i think there is a sense that the islamic state has suffered some setbacks and its momentum hads been arrested. the cia director was speaking in new york yesterday and made this point. it comes at a time when this is set against a much
4:55 am
broader pessimism in the united states counterterrorism community at the moment. >> in your spees you wrote u.s. entered period of pessimism and gloom. >> i set out to try to contrast this mood at the moment with where we were a few years ago after the bin laden raid and a few other important successes. there was a lot of talk including the cia director at the time leon panetta about being close to a defeat of al qaeda. that conversation evaporated. it's largely because of the rise of the islamic state and the chaos in libya and yemen has given this movement so much more room to operate. it just has a lot of people worried it's a much longer fight than they thought it was going to be two years ago. >> another point you make in that list, the ongoing influx of
4:56 am
foirn fighters into syria and how -- why is that harder to track? if you have foreign fighters and also the domestic ones their ideologies spreading here. why are they harder to track? >> it's really difficult to track once they get into syria. i think the authorities have done a decent job trying to identify the europeans and the few americans who have gone to syria. but there are so many of them. so many more than ever went to afghanistan during the 1980s for innocence. it's largely geography. it's easier for europeans to get to syria than afghanistan, a much more remote place. the appeal of the islamic state is so much more powerful. it uses social media, twitter, facebook, and everything. it draws such a bigger number. that is the big challenge for counterterrorism organizations. >> very quickly, domestically it's hard because, i guess, doing something overseas that takes planning that could be caught more easily right? >> everybody talks about their big worry now, obviously is the
4:57 am
home-grown loan wolf terrorist. it makes it so hard because they don't communicate. they're not generating evidence or doing things that might trigther interest of a counterterrorism aenls. >> thanks so much. that's a wrap of this hour with weekends with alex witt. straight ahead, up with steve kornacki. you got that right! bam! just gotta check your bag. huh, charmin ultra strong. you're cleaner than i thought. charmin ultra strong cleans so much better it meets even his highest standards of clean. with a soft duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong is 4 times stronger. and you can use up to 4x less. are you good to go hun? cleaner than ever. rotorooter approved. charmin is clog-free or it's free. why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup.
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we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats and serving america's veterans. every day, thousands of boeing volunteers help make their communities the best they can be. building something better for all of us. the fight is on in new hampshire. all right. good morning to you. thanks for getting up with us this saturday morning. it is a big weekend for jeb bush and for scott walker both making their first trips as would be candidates to the state of new hampshire. the first in the nation state of the new hampshire right now. they seem to be getting a warm receptio